Ways to find your lost dog

When looking for your lost dog make sure to do these things.


Search around the neighborhood

Ask your neighbors (make sure to leave a flyer with them)

Make flyers including
-Date that have gone missing
-Breed of dog
-Where he/she was last seen
-Phone numbers
-Picture of the dog
lost dog
Put flyers up everywhere
-Stop signs
-Dog parks
-Bus stops
-Busy streets
Hand out flyers to people walking down the street

Ask local merchants to post flyers in their window

Give flyers to postal workers (USPS, Fed EX, UPS, ect.)

Garbage pick-up crew

Give flyers to construction workers

Ask animal hospitals if you can put up flyers

Pass out flyers to children

Call the SPCA

Leave a picture of your pet and your phone number at each shelter. If your pet has a microchip be sure to give them the number.

Call each of the rescue organizations and ask for their help and find out if they have your pet.

Call local animal shelters daily

Visit local animal shelters daily

Put an announcement and picture in local newspaper

Drive your car around every day looking for your pet

The number one thing to remember is to stay positive! People have been reunited with there pets after being lost for several months.


Animal Safety in Summer Months


The HOT summer days are here, here are some important tips to keep in mind. Always provide plenty of cool fresh water for your animals. If you decide to go run errands leave your dogs at home, unless you can take them inside with you. Leaving your pets in the car can be FATAL especially on a hot summer day! The sun can raise the temperature inside your car to 120 degrees in a matter of minutes, even with the windows rolled down. If your dog is outside on a hot day make sure they have a shady spot to rest in. Dog houses are not a good idea for shelter, they trap heat. Make sure to exercise your pet during cooler hours of the day. If the temperature is really really hot, make sure to keep your pets inside. The hot asphalt can hurt the sensitive paws of cats and dogs. Summer is known for mosquitoes and ticks. These bugs can cause heartworm and Lyme disease. Make sure to check your pets coat for hot spots, ticks, and bites frequently during the summer.

Sick Homless Dog

Good Afternoon everyone!! Today I’m going to share with you about a little abandoned dog named Bethany. Bethany lived on the streets as a stray for months. She suffered from severe mange that was eating her skin away. The infection was making her hole entire body swell up so it hurt every time she moved. Someone contacted my favorite animal rescue Hope For Paws to come and rescue this poor dog off the streets. Eldad Hagar asked Annie Hart From the Bill Foundation (another one of my favorite rescues) to take Bethany in, and they did. So they went out to save her life and take her to the vet so she can get the medical attention she needed to get rid of this nasty infection. I’m going to post her rescue video below! Make sure to watch it till the end to see the AMAZING transformation this pup has gone through, she looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Please share this video to get this story out there!! Thank you so much Eldad and Annie for saving this doggies life 🙂


Amazing story!

Hello everybody! I have something to share with everybody today. While looking up random videos on youtube i came across this amazing video i am about to share with you guys! This video is about this poor little poodle found in a trash pile by this amazing man Eldad Hagar and his wife. They took her in and named her Fiona. Fiona was covered in filth and was sitting in her own feces. The poor little dog was blind in both eyes, so they took her to the doctor and restored her vison in one of her eyes. She can see now, they adopted her out to this wonderful family and is living a wonderful life! Make sure to watch the video, he has many more amazing videos to watch!! Click on the link below to watch his video!