Ways to find your lost dog

When looking for your lost dog make sure to do these things.


Search around the neighborhood

Ask your neighbors (make sure to leave a flyer with them)

Make flyers including
-Date that have gone missing
-Breed of dog
-Where he/she was last seen
-Phone numbers
-Picture of the dog
lost dog
Put flyers up everywhere
-Stop signs
-Dog parks
-Bus stops
-Busy streets
Hand out flyers to people walking down the street

Ask local merchants to post flyers in their window

Give flyers to postal workers (USPS, Fed EX, UPS, ect.)

Garbage pick-up crew

Give flyers to construction workers

Ask animal hospitals if you can put up flyers

Pass out flyers to children

Call the SPCA

Leave a picture of your pet and your phone number at each shelter. If your pet has a microchip be sure to give them the number.

Call each of the rescue organizations and ask for their help and find out if they have your pet.

Call local animal shelters daily

Visit local animal shelters daily

Put an announcement and picture in local newspaper

Drive your car around every day looking for your pet

The number one thing to remember is to stay positive! People have been reunited with there pets after being lost for several months.


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