Giant Panda

Giant Panda

Pandas have lived on earth for two to three million years!!! They spend 14 to 16 hours a day eating bamboo. Although the Pandas diet is 99% bamboo, their digestive system is made for meat. Pandas absorb only 30% of bamboo nutrients, this means the panda has to eat most of the time it is awake to survive. Giant Pandas have massive cheek and jaw muscles that are so powerful that they can easily chew an aluminum dish in to tiny pieces. These animals fur look so soft and silky, but is actually thick and wiry and can grow up to 4inches long. Pandas are not fast, they can go as fast as a slow trot. They walk with their entire foot on the ground when they walk unlike dogs and cats, they walk on their toes. These creatures have a wonderful sense of smell. At night they can find the best bamboo stalk by sent. The word “panda” comes from the Nepalese word poonya, which means “bamboo-eating animal” or “plant-eating animal.”


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